​​GoldStar Stables

I would like to be your riding partner! I know English and Western, and can even help you herd cows, if we ever get some to herd. My best friend is Nickers.


Bet you can't guess how I got my name! I help teach all levels of riders in English and Western riding. I also jump small jumps, and am learning dressage, so I can teach more students.

I like to jump big and run fast, but I am careful enough for first-time riders to learn to ride leadline on me. I also am an amazing dressage horse, just like my friend, Simon.

 School Horses



I used to be a jumper, but now I help intermediate and advanced riders with Dressage and English flatwork. I love my pasture mate, Pistol! 



I am called Nickers because I like to talk, or nicker, a lot. I teach all levels of riders dressage and jumping.

I help Judi and Bethany teach riders of all ages to ride English and Western.



I like to jump, the bigger the jump the better! I don't like dressage much, but will do it if I feel like it. I also like trail rides, and team penning. Too bad we don't have any cows to pen!

I help beginner riders of all ages learn the basics of riding and jumping. I also enjoy galloping out in the field with more experienced riders.

My name means Let's Go in Spanish, and as you can see from my picture, I like to go! I am retired from riding now, but still enjoy greeting parents and children. 




I help small beginner riders learn balance, and how to walk and trot. I will teach you to ride over poles on the ground, too.