Spring Fling Horse Show

Office Fee: $5.00 Class Fee: $5.00 per class

Class List 

Division A: Halter/English In Hand Classes                         Division D: 18" Hunter/Equitation

Class 1: Halter: Ages 2-6                                                         Class 10: Hunter Over Fences

Class 2: Halter: Ages 7-14                                                       Class 11: Equitation Over Fences

Class 3: Ages 15-17                                                                 Class 12: Hunter Under Saddle             Class 4: Ages 18 and Up                                                          Class 13: Equitation On The Flat                                                   

Division B: Leadline/Walk Only                                             Division E: 2' Hunter/Equitation

Class 4: Leadline: Ages 2-6                                                     Class 14: 2' Hunter Over Fences         Class 5: Walk Only: Ages 5 and Up                                        Class 15: 2' Equitation Over Fences           Class 6: Leadline/Walk Only Over Poles                                 Class 16: Hunter Under Saddle                                                                                                                    Class 17: Equitation On The Flat


Division C: Walk/Trot Over Poles/Crossrails                       Division F: Specialty Classes

Class 7: Walk/Trot Equitation Over Poles                               Class 18: Wearing Of The Green (2-6) 

Class 8: Walk/Trot Equitation Over Crossrails                        Class 19: Wearing Of The Green (7-14)

Class 9: Walk/Trot Equitation On The Flat                              Class 20: Wearing Of The Green (15-17)                                                                                                    Class 21: Wearing Of The Green (18+) 

Miscellaneous Information 

Stall Day Rate: $20.00 per horse

All outside horses need to have proof of current negative coggins

We will be offering some form of lunch. More information TBA as soon as possible

Entries may be paid online, in advance at GoldStar Stables, or the day of the Spring Fling 

Horse Shows

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Some Terms Defined

Equitation Class: A class in which the rider is judged on how well they ride on the flat or over fences.

Hunter Class:  A class in which the horse is judged on accuracy and movement on the flat or over fences. 

Flat Class: A class with no jumping required. A flat class is a rail class with multiple horse/rider pairs in the arena at the same time. 

Rail: The fence around the arena. A rail class is ridden beside this fence for the duration of this class. 

Specialty Division: This division includes Costume Classes, Pairs Classes, and Dressage Tests. 

Halter/In Hand Class: Halter/In Hand classes consist of a handler on the ground with a horse or pony. In Hand classes are shown with the horse or pony wearing an English bridle, or leather halter for horses under 2 years old. Handlers will be asked to walk and trot their horse/pony, line the pony up in the center of the arena, and may be asked to back their horse or pony.

Leadline Class: A class in which the child has a family member leading the horse, and controlling the horse during the class. Sidewalkers will also be allowed in leadline classes if needed for safety of the rider.

Sidewalker: A person on the ground who walks beside the saddle of the horse. A sidewalker may steady the rider physically if necessary, or just walk beside the rider.