​​GoldStar Stables

Four Legged Friends


FOX: I am a bold red tabby girl. I'm best friends with my brother, SIlver.

ODIE: I am the best mouser at GoldStar! I am also the most handsome cat here, don't you think?

Donnie Llama

I am a young male llama who just arrived at GoldStar Stables. I am curious about people and love it when they put a handful of pony feed in my bucket. Mainly I eat grass in the pasture I share with Dolly and the ponies, but sometimes my people give me some hay. I always share  with Dolly, of course.

As soon as my halter and lead rope get here, I will start learning how to walk with people. I can hardly wait!



Dolly Llama

I am a young female llama who is learning to be around people and to walk quietly beside a person.

Before I came to GoldStar Stables, my friends were a herd of cows.  Now I am learning to get along with horses and ponies.

My favorite animal at GoldStar is my new llama friend, Donnie.


GRUMPY: I am a gray and black tabby with bold markings. I am inseparable from my brother , Gremlin.

JONATHAN:  I have three names, Jonathan, Buddy, and Buddy Jonathan. My friend Meri brought me to GoldStar because I needed a good home.

BLAZE: I am a dilute tortoiseshell cat. I am very pretty, but I am very shy. However, I can make a great deal of noise if separated from my siblings!

CARRAGH: I am a tiny tortoiseshell tabby, but I am full grown. All these kittens are mine.

GREMLIN: I am another grey and black tabby, but with stripes instead of bold markings. I am never far from my brother Grumpy.

TAFFY: I am the female cream tabby. I am very shy, but not as shy as my sister, Blaze!

SILVER: I, as my name implies, am the silver tabby. I can often be seen in the company of my sister, Fox.